Till Death Do Us Part

Posted: March 9, 2014 in MiB Hates Us All

[This is a rap-poem that I wrote about a week ago when I was feeling particularly inspired after going to Eminem, losing myself, going berzerk and cleaning out my closet. I thought that it would be “totes appropes”, as a white girl would say, to post it since this coming week is Israeli Apartheid Week and I’m pretty passionate about the plight of the Palestinians, having been to Jerusalem and the West Bank three times and witnessing the oppression and the sheer struggle of everyday life for the people living there firsthand. Please bear in mind that this is the first rap-poem that I have ever penned, so if it turns out to be more Vanilla Ice than Slim Shady please forgive me in advance and fuck yo big-ass momma, which I believe is the appropriate rapper procedure before doing anything]


This story starts as all good stories do,

With a boy and a girl, one Arab, one Jew,

But that’s pretty much where this fairytale ends

So come gather round kids, bring all of your friends


She had midnight’s hair and skin so fair

Like something airbrushed from Marie Claire

She had lips like honey and eyes so deep

You drowned in their colour, like bright olive leaves


Then one day Mama UK and Papa UN decided,

Baby, we’re gonna take your life and divide it

Here’s a nice shattered boy, he’ll be a nice flattered man

Damn, Will was right, parents just don’t understand


So they gave her away, first whole then in pieces

Take her, she’s yours, rent her, lease it

We don’t care, we’ve done our job,

We messed up before, yes, so we solved the prob-

-lem by saving one nation, one people, the Jews

Now the Palestinians? Not them, too!


So Lady P was wed to this guy,

She put up a fight, let those milky fists fly

But how can fists beat F-16s and tanks?

Would you ever try to fuck up Homicide Hank?


He moved into her home and plopped down on the couch

And forced her to deepthroat him as he spread himself out

And then, when he was done and she was filled with his seed

He smiled down at her, knowing that she’d never leave.


Through black olive eyelids and scratches and scars

And beatings and reavings and intifadas

She stuck it, said fuck it, this here is my home,

My children, my pilgrims, my heartbeat, my soul

So he

slaughtered her daughters till blood flowed like water

In rivulets and streams to the Sea of Galilee

And as he maimed and jailed her sons by the letter

While Uncle Sam stood by and asked “Can’t you do better?”


It’s been over fifty years now, an infinity’s tears now,

An eternity’s worth of cruel cheers and jeers shou-

-ted from the mouth that shears and sears her

Asking “Honey, are you ready to surrender?”


She’s been sliced and diced and knifed and Christed

And raped to a spliced twisted whisper of life

But her soul lives on, her spirit strong,

Lady Palestine’s heartbeat will go on


[So there you have it, MC MiBizzle’s first foray into rap. If you’re against oppression and apartheid and the harsh systematic removal of a people from their homes, support Israeli Apartheid Week 2014. If you’re a relatively decent human being that would give Leonardo diCaprio his goddamn Oscar, support Israeli Apartheid Week 2014. If you’re not a cunt, support Israeli Apartheid Week 2014. At the very least tweet the hashtag or like it on Facebook or Snapchat a Palestinian kid or whatever. Be informed. Don’t be duped by the media. End oppression. Follow me on Twitter @MibHatesUsAll. Fuck yo big-ass momma. Peace]


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